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Video Poker Playing Methods


Video poker was introduced in the 1970s when it became affordable for casinos to have the machines developed and built, and since then there has been steady growth of people who play video poker. It is found in nearly every land-based and online casino in the world today.

The Concept of Video Poker

Video poker is the perfect combination of two casino classics--poker and slot machines. Players are seated at a video poker machine and determine their bet amount before pressing the 'deal' button. The player is then dealt five cards and can choose to keep or discard any of these for new cards. Once this process has been completed, the machine calculates the payout according to the player's hand and a predetermined payout schedule. Payouts vary based upon the hand the player builds and the amount of his or her initial bet.

Video Poker Popularity

Its popularity can be attributed to the lack of intimidation by the dealer and other players that are present at the actual poker tables. People play video poker as an alternative to Texas Hold 'Em or Five-Card Draw due to the removal of the need for bluffing or trying to read the faces of the dealer or other players. The game was developed in the 1970s and experienced huge growth throughout the 1980s. Video poker odds in the early 1990s favored the player--especially in Las Vegas since the machines had a very low house edge in order to draw business. Since then, however, the house edge has increased to mimic that of other popular casino games.

People who enjoy the game of poker but are uncomfortable with its social aspects are encouraged to play video poker instead. This game provides all of the excitement of poker and slots for a variable amount of money.


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