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The Benefits of Instant-Play Casinos


While most of the larger casinos on the internet these days allow players to download comprehensive suites of games to their computers, there are plenty of benefits associated with instant-play casino games. These games require no downloads and can be played directly from the browser.

How it Works

While downloadable casinos utilize the computer's processing power in order to operate, instant-play casinos are brought to end users via Flash or Java technology. The quality of the graphics and the speed at which games load is generally determined by the player's internet speed, but most broadband internet connections are sufficient. Players simply need to log in and select the game they wish to play; no downloads are required.

No Download or Installation

Playing games directly in the web browser is beneficial because players are not required to wait for the download and installation process to complete. The game is ready to go as soon as the player clicks the 'PLAY' button on the screen. As a result, there are no viruses to be concerned with and the games do not take up any space on the player's hard drive.

Compatibility and Portability

Downloadable games have to be compatible with the player's operating system in order to work. While this is usually no problem for Windows users, those with Mac or Linux operating systems can run into some real problems. Instant-play games are compatible with almost any computer. Also, downloadable games can only be played on the computer that holds the software. Conversely, instant-play games are available from almost anywhere, including computers, mobile phones and even smart TVs.

While the graphics and user options associated with instant-play games are not as high-tech as those associated with downloadable games, they are often just as exciting and provide all of the necessary options in a readily-available interface.


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