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Security In A Live Casino Online: Global Live Casino Fulfils The Need!


The primary worry of someone playing casino games is online safety. This sense of worry is warranted and much needed, as players are expected to part with sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details, residential addresses etc. It is not only the hackers that one has to be on the look out for, but also the fly-by-night crooks.

With the new-found craze for live casinos online, there is a rush of people into the gambling scene. Unfortunately, it is an open secret that there are only a handful of casinos that adhere to every security measure in the book, keeping their players completely safe.

Global Live Casino is a well-known live casino online that ensures all transactions are protected with SSL (Secure Lockets Layer), a security protocol where all the sensitive information passes through an encrypted tunnel. This means all your credit card and bank details travel in an unreadable format, so much so that the text cannot be intercepted by anyone. Although, there are several casinos that claim to offer this, the level of encryption is what is important. This casino offers 128-bit encryption which is the highest level and the acceptable standard for casinos.

Other security measures that Global Live Casino has in place are the use of highly secure gaming platform software. This is again as important as any other security aspect, as downloading applications onto the computer from casinos using insecure software can lead to malware that can infect the computer and cause all sorts of problems.

Keeping this in mind, it is important for all players to take into consideration the levels of security a live casino offers, before trusting them with their money, personal and financial details.


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